From Park Ave. to Park West London

From Park Ave. to Park West London

What Do Billionaires and Umbrellas Have in Common? Manhattan, they're never in short supply. 


But of course I didn't have mine with me that day.

My umbrella, I mean.

My billionaire CEO was tucked away in their office, warm and dry. I was the opposite - drenched to the skin from freezing cold December rain, walking in squeaky wet shoes from the 59th Street Bloomingdale's to our Park Avenue headquarters. I didn't have time to stop and buy an umbrella (even if I had, there was no street vendor insane or adventurous enough to be standing out in that storm). 

The $8,000 Chanel dress I'd just bought for my boss to give as one of their hundreds of holiday gifts was getting dangerously close to becoming a kite. Gusts of wind pushed against my back, sending my Medium Brown Bag (hey Bloomie's, would you consider something more waterproof next time?!) flying left and right. I was praying the plastic wrapping around the dress would stay in place.

Ducking into a flower shop on the next corner, I stood panting inside the drafty double doors asking myself: "What the #@%* am I doing??!"

I nervously checked my phone for the time. I checked on the dress - still somehow dry, but I suspected the glue keeping the handles stuck on the bag had all but dissolved. I had 5 minutes to walk 6 freezing blocks. 

Holding the bag to my chest, I ran.


9 months later, I was expecting... life to be a lot different. I figured I'd still be doing personal shopping that felt anything but personal. Losing my previous job and starting Park West London with John was the best thing I never saw coming. Instead of being told what to buy, I look everywhere for the highest quality product, made by someone who is passionate about their job - someone whose job is, in fact, their passion. 

Instead of sprinting through the sopping wet city to deliver a commonplace gift only one person will enjoy, I make discoveries everyday: the newest trend; the Next Name you haven't heard of yet; a one-of-a-kind find that's impossible to imitate.

 And the best part?

I don't ask myself what the #@!* I'm doing everyday.




The best part is that I get to share these gifts with you, so that you can give them to people you care about. To me, that's the most personal kind of shopping.


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