The 2020 holidays! Already?

The 2020 holidays! Already?

As I write this, it is 4:37AM on October 22. Yes, I'm an early riser. So, I do what I always do; sit at my computer, sip my coffee, and read. I read the news and whatever else is in my feed. I've noticed something. I'm already seeing LOTS of holiday ads. Is it just me? True, I spend much of my time reading about people's habits; shopping, traveling, online searching and whatever else. Well, I guess 2020 is just that kind of year. Retailers, no matter their focus, are all scrambling to get you to buy - and to buy now. 


The good news - no, GREAT news - is if you're reading this, we've finally launched our site. It's been a long slog at Park West London, and the team has been working diligently, for months. The web folks have been busily putting together this site while Veronica and I have been scouring the globe, looking for unique, hand-crafted, low-run, luxury items.


It's a laborious process. We initially laid out the product categories and then listed all the product types you'd likely want to see in your quest for the ultimate gift. Then, we start searching - calling the artisans (we call them "makers") we know and see what they have that might be new, or not even out yet. We then pick out the products we think you'll love the most. We buy one, or a few at most. Then, we're off to find more. The makers are often the source to find new makers, and the process starts over again. Just this week, we spoke to a jewelry maker in Milan, a company who dives for sponges in the Greek Islands and a luggage maker who stone washes hides, from the midwest, by hand in California. 

So, if the rest of the world is talking about the holidays already, I supposed we must as well. Check out all the wonderful gift ideas we've amassed here. And check back often, because these are all low-run or one-of-a-kind luxury gifts. Once they're gone - they're gone! 


Look, we get it. You're busy and you need this gift to show that you really put some time and effort into finding and selecting it. Enter the gift experts on our Concierge Team. To be clear, there's only a handful of people here that can help you pick out the right gift. Shoot us a note and we'll be in touch to find the right item for your special someone. 

Happy gifting!

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