Need Some Self-Care?

Need Some Self-Care?

Winter is Coming. . .

and that means the stress of holiday shopping is already here. 

November 1st strikes fear in the heart of even the most seasoned shopper, because they know what they're up against: sales that aren't actually sales; suddenly remembering their girlfriend is a size 8 and the sneakers they just bought her are a 9; their mother calling and nagging them about flying home for the holidays even though there's a pandemic. And speaking of that...

This year, I think we can all feel how different holiday shopping is going to be.

These times are unprecedented - there's no arguing how that adds an entirely new level of stress to gifting this year. Although most of us are accustomed to online shopping, there is a certain familiarity - nostalgia, even - in walking around our favorite store, on the hunt for a gift that stands out from all the others. Going online is just...different. At times, impersonal, even. It's more convenient, and certainly easier to navigate depending on where you go, but traditional purchasing online lacks a particularly human element. Though we're connected to our wifi, it can feel very disconnected as a consumer who wants to get something special for someone they care about. 

For most, come November (just 3 days away!) there won't be long lines, there'll just be SOLD OUT banners on the product they added to their basket last night, telling themselves how they'd sleep on the decision and buy it first thing in the morning. Instead of headaches from repetitive, just-a-tad-too-loud-and-cheery holiday music playing in department stores, they'll have headaches from staring at their screen, scrolling and scrolling and scrolling away for hours. Even though they won't be running around Bergdorf's in their Canada Goose (and if they plan to, I'm sending prayers!), they might be sweating in front of the t.v. at home instead, laptop battery and glass of cab sauv running low from all the searching and scouring for the perfect gift. Don't be that person.

Shop at Park West London instead.

With us, the 2020 Holiday Season is headache-free. Why? Because we've already found what you're looking for. 

  1. We've spent hundreds of hours at home and abroad looking for the most outstanding, unique products and engaging with excellent makers and merchants who care about quality above all else.
  2. My co-Founder John and I understand how special people deserve special, personal gifts: that's why you won't find anything on our site that we wouldn't personally give to someone or use ourselves. And often, we have used these products ourselves.
  3. Our curated collections have something for everyone; even the most difficult person on your list will love one of our products.

By shopping with Park West London, an all-day trip to your five favorite boutiques will turn into buying gifts for family and friends in under fifteen minutes.

Treat yourself to the best form of self-care money can buy - extra time.

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