What makes the perfect gift?

What makes the perfect gift?

Gifting is often a dilemma, at least when the gift is for someone you love or for someone important in your life. Where you get the gift is just as important as the actual gift itself. And the actual gift? Well, it really needs to be special. Really special.

How many times have you asked yourself “What the heck am I going to get Rebecca for her birthday?” or “What can I get Adam for his graduation?” or the biggest one; “What am I going to get my spouse for our anniversary?”

Under normal conditions, you’d start the typical hunt. You’d head out to the mall or a local jewelry store. You’d search sites online; dozens of them. You’d ask friends for suggestions. The results would often leave a lot to be desired. After all, you want the gift to be special. So, what makes the perfect gift perfect?

  1. It has to be unique. One-of-a-kind would be even more awesome.
  2. It has to be hard-to-find. If you can find it on Amazon in a couple of clicks, it will look like you didn’t put any thought into the gift. And after all, putting time into the selection, or at least the perception of that time, makes YOU feel better.
  3. It has to be hand-made. Anything that can be produced by machine, in quantity, isn’t special.
  4. It has to say the right thing – it has to convey the right message. Some gifts indicate intimacy while others indicate friendship. Some gifts say “You’re important” while others say “I didn’t put much thought into this.”
  5. It has to include a hand-written note. After all, you want to tell your special someone why you picked this gift, and what made you think of them when you first saw it. 

In this COVID-19 world, there are no trips to the mall and shopping at the local jewelry store is hardly an option. So, what do you do? You search online. Dozens of sites. If you calculate the time you’ve spent online, it’s likely hours. And still, you find nothing. Enter Park West London. We’ve done all the searching, so you don’t have to. We’ve connected with artisans who make one-off and low-run items. They all have wonderful stories about how they make what they do and where they get their inspiration.

Finally, when you checkout at Park West London, order a custom, hand-written notecard. Our handwriting team members will take your words and write it on a fine, Park West London notecard, which we’ll include with your package.

Picking the perfect gift is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Think of Park West London as your ultimate, secret resource. We're always here to help. Tell your friends about us. Or, better yet, don't.



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