Meet Our Founders

John Peters
Co-founder, CEO & Chief Merchant 

When I was in college, I founded a luxury tour company and yacht cruise line in the Greek Islands. Over the years, we opened offices in New York, Athens, Istanbul, Rome, Salzburg and Buenos Aires. My partner and I grew the company until we became the #1 US Tour and Cruise company for Greece and the Mediterranean. Then we sold the company in 1999. After that, I had a few, senior corporate jobs in travel, grew and sold a travel tech startup (Tripology, which I sold to Rand McNally), was the President of Travel at USA Today, and then the Managing Director – Retail, of the amazingly upscale Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming, which has been voted as the #1 resort in the USA. You can imagine, I’ve seen amazing things all over this beautiful planet of ours, and I have met many wonderful people.

What does this background have to do with Park West London? Well, on every one of the thousands of trips I’ve taken, I’ve returned with some of the most amazing, unique, hard-to-find, luxury gifts. They were all handmade. They were all unique. And, they all had a fascinating story. The makers of these items were craftsmen, who also had unique stories. THAT is what you’ll find at Park West London; unique, luxury, handmade gifts with a captivating story. I hope you enjoy the shopping experience and the stunning, select collection of products we feature. 


 Veronica Schorr
Co-founder, Head of Creative and Content Strategy

I've always wanted to be my own boss. An independent attitude, along with a passion for writing, has been part of my life as early as I can remember. And so has my travel bug. In college, I spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, where I fell in love with waking up at 6AM, having to remind myself which hostel and what country I was in that weekend. After traveling to 15+ countries and meeting some wonderful people along the way - from artists, to chefs, to small business owners, to artisans, to locals - some of whom remain my friends, I can say I've been very lucky.

As a writer, creativity is at the heart of how I move through this world. But after graduating I spent years in industries (Real Estate, Finance, and Venture Capital) where I was mostly being analytical, results-oriented, and stressed out. In my last position, I even coordinated luxury gift purchases from Manhattan's most well-known retailers. Some days, it was a Chanel dress; others, a pair of single-edition earrings from the Diamond District. 

Everything I've done professionally, whether it was the right fit or not, helped solidify exactly what I hope to accomplish here: to create, expand, and diversify the Park West London brand and how our customers engage with our unique product portfolio.