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We, ourselves, are not makers. Rather, we painstakingly search the globe for unique, hard-to-find, luxury items, made by artisans who create exquisite pieces. 

Inclusion in the Park West London portfolio is normally by invitation only. We're all about quality and not quantity. However, if you believe your product would fit well within our offerings, please complete the form below. Explain your product in the message section and be sure to include your website. A member of our Merchant Team will be in touch within seven to ten days.

Unfortunately, not all products will be selected, so please don't take offense. Understand we're very selective about the makers and items we feature.

Following are general guidelines for the products we select:

  • Retail price should be between $250 and $25,000 per item.
  • Items should be handmade, not mass produced. One-of-a-kind and low-run items are ideal.
  • Items should not easily be found online or in retail stores.
  • Items should be of the highest quality. 
  • Items should be aesthetically pleasing.
  • The product, and the maker, should epitomize luxury.

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