Muted Greens Vase
Muted Greens Vase
Muted Greens Vase

Muted Greens Vase

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Sharon creates some truly unforgettable pieces from clay. She's a master potter with over 30 years of experience throwing on the wheel, sculpting, and teaching. I first met Sharon while taking beginner pottery classes at my local arts center. She immediately struck me as not only a pro, but a passionate artist with a unique eye. It was clear to me, after she showed me her work, just how deeply she truly knows every inch of her craft. Her clay creations are pieces of art to be treasured and loved for many years. This vase is a seriously stunning "antique"-feeling accent piece. Add some brightness to any room in your home with a beautiful bouquet placed in this equally beautiful vase. ~Veronica

Description & Specs

This elegant, diminutive vase stands alone with its clean lines and beautiful curves. It will add a stunning highlight to your space wherever it is placed. One of a kind!

6.25” H x 5.25” W x 3.75” D

About S. Kaufman Ceramics Sharon Kaufman is an innovator of the exquisite, the humorous, the refined. . . all created out of what she calls the most forgiving medium in nature: clay. When developing her pieces, she strives for unexpected combinations of texture and asymmetry. Sculpting with clay is a visceral and completely human experience, which Sharon believes must be communicated through her pieces. While most of her life is dedicated to changing the lives of underserved children through the fine arts, her personal gift to her patrons is the love instilled in every piece she creates. 

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