Sterling Silver & Gold Set, 2 Cuff Links and 5 Studs
Sterling Silver & Gold Set, 2 Cuff Links and 5 Studs

Sterling Silver & Gold Set, 2 Cuff Links and 5 Studs

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If you're like me, you have to wear your tux about once a month, usually for a charity event. Dressing to the nines is quite fun, actually, but there's not a whole lot you can do to stand out from the crowd at a black-tie event. Sure, your bow-tie and cummerbund are what people see first, but the way to best accomplish a sense of individualism in a room full of penguins is clearly your cuff and stud set. This one, by Clint Orms, is stunning. The engraving is what makes them a phenomenally unique gift. Really, you can't go wrong with these. - JOHN

Materials & Measurements
Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold cuff links: 0.6” diameter 
Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold studs: 0.4” diameter

About Clint Orms Inspired designer. Dedicated craftsman. Respected entrepreneur. Clint Orms is a master silversmith whose main objective is to keep Western tradition and the value of a hard day's work alive. Using sterling silver and gold, Clint crafts handmade, unique belt buckles and accessories that he hopes will be used for years to come. He never reproduces more than ten pieces from a single design, ensuring one-of-a-kind, exclusive products imbued with generations of Western heritage. Clint Orms makes and engraves everything in Ingram, Texas, USA.

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