The Classic 3" Paring Knife

The Classic 3" Paring Knife

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I remember when I first spoke to a professional chef about what types of knives he uses. Without thinking, he said, "Town Cutler, hands-down. They make some amazing knives." In a short amount of time, I was speaking with Galen Garretson, the founder of Town Cutler and a former chef himself. I'm proud to be working with Galen. Together, we've picked some amazing knives for our Park West London customers. Honestly, they feel amazing in your hand. I love them. Read more about this knife below. - JOHN

Description & Specs

The Classic Line is Town Cutler’s original knife, with superb edge geometry and a refined fit and finish that has proven the test of time. The Classic Line is razor-sharp, with blades made from AEBL-L stainless steel, initially developed for razor blades, for when a precise cut and fine edge really count. The blade’s matte finish allows the blade to pass through products easily without any break-in period. The stabilized Buckeye Burl handles have an inherent wide range of color and pattern in the grain structure, so no two handles are ever alike. An elegant curvaceous handle supports a wide range of grips, allowing for continuous comfort and maximum control. These knives are easy to care for and ready to go, with a refined fit and finish.

3” Paring Knife

A small all-purpose knife ideal for peeling (or "paring") smaller fruits and vegetables, and other small precision work.

Shape: Paring
Blade Length: 3"
Steel: AEB-L Stainless Steel
Handle: Stabilized Buckeye Burl
HRC: 62

Knife Care:

Hand-wash with warm soapy water. Don’t use abrasive sponges, which can scratch the knife. Never put your knife in the dishwasher or leave it soaking in water. After cleaning, use an absorbent towel to dry your knife completely. Paper towels work best. Drying your knife after cleaning will prevent watermarks and rust from forming and keep the handle in good condition. For further protection, keep your knife on a magnetic strip, or in a scabbard, saya, or knife roll.

About Town Cutler Town Cutler specializes in making high-end culinary knives using handcrafted techniques and premium materials. Founded in 2011 by former chef Galen Garretson, Town Cutler’s knives are informed by years of culinary experience. Town Cutler makes professional-grade cutlery for people with a passion for cooking and an appreciation of enduring handmade goods. Town Cutler’s exceptional cutlery can be found in award-winning restaurants, professional kitchens, and homes around the world. Town Cutler knives and culinary tools are handmade in Reno, Nevada.

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